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On December 26, 2004, South East Asia was hit by a Tsunami!

.....I was there, just at the time it hit! It was the time every one wished not to be there! But I was, and it was an opportunity to start even just before it hit, to help. In the morning, at 8:20, I felt a gentle move from a earth quack, and I had this vision of a big wave, but my thought moved on as I thought it was not strong enough. I planned to go swimming as it was my holiday. But my girlfriend refused as she told me, she didn't want to get braun. A bit angry, we had our breakfast. At 10:15, a group of 4 ran from the sea side, and asked where they could hide, as the sea was disappearing, I instantly recalled my vision, an start shouting, big wave, big wave, and moved 10 strangers to the top of my shop. Again I ran to inform my friend and his girlfriend, to safe them. I closed my doors and joined the people on the top of my roof, watching the second wave hitting Chalong Pier. I saw the speed boats tumbling around like toys, and I saw people in the water. I new I had to run down to see what I could do for this people, but there were instantly other boats to help. But standing beside the pier, people started to come back from the sea, and the island, and I started to guide them to higher grounds.

It went on for hours. Still, I didn't knew about the real trouble on the other side of the island. Help went on and on and on....

I know, I had to be there! Even as there were no bad injured people in Chalong, but the help was important for these people.

I worked on and on for day, looking all the time for new opportunities to help!

And it was than, that I realize: surviving, you have no choice, you are lucky, you make it, you are not lucky, you don't! But at the after mat,you do have choices, but it is very difficult to make the good one, in time of chaos. I saw that after this disaster, I will not be able to survive the economical disaster, as the high season just started, and was instantly over. I putted in all my money, to be prepared for the high season, and no money left to survive after all this. Beside this, I lost 6.000 US$ of instrument on Racha Island, where I used to play Sound Concert with Tibetan Singing Bowls every Monday night.

I know, I will survive, but I need now also help! I want to serve, but as nobody want to come to Phuket, how can I make my living.

Please, don't forget us and come to Phuket to sponsor us, we need you to survive...

Your charity will help the most needed, and this is very important....

But for all the business on Phuket we need tourists. You stop to come, we will suffer again....

Most parts of Phuket are OK, and even the places badly hit, are hurrying to get ready to serve you again...

Big parts of Phuket were safe and un touched, all the time....

And will be even in the future...

It is still a tropical paradise, even after this hit! Yes, there is damage on the wild life in the sea, have a look by yourself, and make up your own mind.

Don't forget the businesses on Phuket, that served you before the disaster, and will try to do after. GIVE US A CHANCE!


God blesses all the suffering one on the world, even now...!

Come and make your booking to learn how to become a healer by yourself! Opportunities to help other are plenty around us, if you open your eyes!

Eric Reiki Master/Teacher

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