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Ringing Bell


Vibration is the most essential characteristic of singing bells. Vibration is life, and it adds life.

The deeper meaning has something to do with the sound of HUM, which permeates the space, according to the Tibetan tradition. The sound of a Tibetan singing bells is like HUM, natural, harmonious and deep.

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Concert bells.

The bells contain seven metals, one for each planet of the Tibetan astrology. Gold represents the Sun, silver the moon, copper Venus, tin Jupiter, etc. Each component is a part of the purifying effect of the bowl, which is important in feng shui also. The portions are different in every bell, and not all the bells contain all the 7 metals.

Ringing Bells


Tibetan doctors used to put a bell above the head of a patient. After hitting the bell he examined how the vibration permeated the body of the patient, and saw any energy blockages which didn't let through the energy flow. This diagnose helped him to choose the right cure for the illness.

After the diagnose, especially the large bells can be used for actual healing also, because their harmonious vibrations affect the cakras balancing them. A sensitive healer may find special bells for different cakras.

The sound is ideal for the beginning and the end of a meditation session, because it effectively calms the mind and helps concentration.

Special rhythms have been created for balancing the elements - earth, water, fire and wind. In this system the player chooses a set of four bells with different pitches, one for each element, and plays the rhythm continuously. This is even more effective in a group of four players, where every player has one bowl and element.

Also many secret methods of using the bells have existed, especially among ancient shamans and monks.

Good vibrations
The most common way of using a bell is just rubbing its brim with a wooden stick, enjoying the different sounds and feeling the vibrations spreading through ones arm to the whole body.

Ringing Liberty Bell

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