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Sail away with S/Y Busker on your holistic cruise!








The Busker Project:

Busker is a 30 foot Tiki Wharram sailing catamaran, that will be the home for Eric, and Silent Sound Centre.

The boat was build by Seascape, Phuket.

Building date started at 19th July, and the boat was finished on 15th January 2009.

The boat will be used as a meditation platform, and to reach out to lonely Islands, where we search for the best meditation places. We also will introduce a special new design of a meditation Island, that will float behind the boat( connected with a line), and covered with a pyramid with sun cover.

While on Busker, you can enjoy all services, as usual.

Life on the boat will be as simple as possible, to de-attach from our daily stress and ballast, but we will compensate with the most beautiful sceneries, only to be reached by private boats.

Only member of Silent Sound Centre are allowed to sail with Eric on Busker.

Sailing on "S/Y Busker", is a free service for member only. Costs of food, drinks, Gasoline, Park fees, marina fees, water are shared in even part as persons on the boat, any expense will be discussed in advance. A day is counted as maximum 24 hours. Any part smaller as 24 hours is counted a day. No sailing experience necessary, but helping is required. Cooking and cleaning are duties for everybody, as same for watch keeping duties.

If a person can not swim, they must wear all the time a life jacked when on board.

Decision about the weather or the safe passage is only at the captain responsibility.

If you like to have a look at the building progress from Busker:

Go to building picture page 1st week!








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