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Playing in the garden.

On March the 12, 1960 , I started my journey through my life, as a son of a Belgian soldier in Germany.
My coming was not a happy one as on my arrival , my parents were confronted with the fact that I was not like other children.

   But the decision ,to raise me just like an other child, was sure the ride one, as I develop very normal. The small problems I had to face, where not so different from the problems  of other babies .
So I grow up , went to a normal school, did all just like other children, even the bad things, and very soon even graduate from high school with very normal results . Until this moment , I had to thank my father for this results, as he had teach me all the time ,"To be good ,is not enough, you must be the best". With this in mind , I started on the University, and graduated 5 years later as a photographer.

  In this years on the Uni., I learned first in my life, I was different  and the people discriminated me because I looked a bit different , and I began to realise that even you are the best, it's not a reason for to be the best.

  When I went for a student job, I didn't get one, so I had to do anything ells. As I grow up with music, and in Europe, buskers are on every corner of the street ,I knew what I had to do. It took me some time before I was ready. My parole was, Looking happy, well dressed, and a good and special performance. The results were from the first time quit good.

  After I graduated and didn't get a job, I was not disappointed, and I did on with what I already did for the last 4 years. But performing all the time in the same city was nothing for me. I began to travel, first only Europe until I knew the most big cities from Europe. After Canada, USA, Central America, South America.
  Than I went back to Europe ,because after 6 year on the road ,I was tiered and I needed a break. But after 3 weeks back home, I began to be nervous and my mother mend, it's again time for me. So I decided to move to the East. Israel, Saudi, Egypt, India ,Sri Lanka, Thailand.

  In Thailand , first in my life I felt not anymore disable, because the people accepted me for what I did, and not for what I look. So for the last 8 years ,I made Thailand my home base, to travel from there to the rest of Asia .
First Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia. For Singapore I was a bit worry, as all the buskers, I met ,told me about the hard times in Singapore. But when I first performed in Singapore, I knew, this is what I loved. People who shows you ,that they like what you do, and respect you , and they showed  appreciation with them donations. And in the 4 years I regular come to Singapore, I never experienced any problems, as I also knew how to avoid problems. In one year I come about 3 or 4 times to Singapore for about 2 or 3 weeks and I perform every day on an other place. And I wish I could stay longer , but Singapore is to expensive for me, to stay longer.

  Other countries like Laos , Vietnam, China, Nepal are much cheaper, but the money is also not so good. But when I go to this countries I feel not the precious ,that, if I don't make enough money, that I get in problems ,because the spending are very low. But if I will survive in Singapore I must perform for 6 days the week ,5 hours the day, also when it's raining, or the hays is to strong. And this is sometime quit hard.

  Last year, I bought  a computer ,so I can stay in contact with the people I love and respect, and I can be reachable for every one, so ,if anybody wish to book me ,only an e-mail, and you'll get an answer. It was a big investment for me , and I sometime pity ,the big money I've spend ,but I also made plenty new friends, and stay in contact with most of my old friends.
And since a few months I even think on an E-Shop, with products I saw in all my travelling around the globe. So look out for my new E-Shop.

  Since 2 years, I also involved with holistic, I worked on Reiki until the master/teacher level, and studied Sound Therapy, what is close to my work as a musician. This evolution came maybe through  the New Age spirit, especial in this time of the coming of the new millennium, but also through a better understanding of Buddhism, that helped me to develop much easier in this fields . So for example, through meditation (Ana Pana Sathi), and chanting mantras.

  The New Millennium was a close focus for me ,since I was a child, as I always calculated how old aim I in the year 2000, and since a few years , I realise that the 40th are a difficult time for every man .
But now I accept the coming of my 40th birthday , I lost all my worries for 2000. And I understand also ,that the year 2000, is a new year, just like every new year. And the New Millennium is only a good reason ,to work in this time ,a bit harder, to collect maybe some money, for the new era. But I don't expect much difference from all the time.

  Some people may have a good view , other maybe  a bad view , and many maybe no view on the new millennium, but for me I prefer to have a positive view with much love and peace as I understand that the things you wish on, come maybe through.

  For the near future ,I plan to make a CD, so that everybody who wish to have a memory of me, can have some one, and second , to help me to realise my future plans. This project is sponsored by some of my good Singaporean friends .The CD is already available since 23 December. So, if you wish to receive some of the very first copies, with my personal signature , can E.Mail me .For more details of the  CD, visit regular this pages.

  Some other plan is my E-Shop, with various products, used in holistic, from around the world. This contacts of sales people from many countries, I collect, the last couple of years , will help me to get most of the products you wish on.

On Orchard Road.

Eric the Busker

This is a project in corporation with "Inner Infinity Metaphysic International Pte Ltd".
So ,for example, thankas, kathas, incense ,essential oils, pyramids, products for magick, magick swords,
Crystals, massage oils, hydrogen peroxide , Buddha stature , singing bowls, singing bells, didgirido, and many other instruments for sound healing. The list is much longer, so you have to come back to look regular for my E-Shop.

  Also ,I wish to work in Reiki and Sound Therapy. For this I rent some space from "Healthy Life Style 4 U", this is a centre for Thai Traditional Medical Massage in Uttaradit, Thailand , where I will Teach and practice Reiki and Sound Healing, for the time I'll be in Thailand.

  Most of this projects are ready in a advanced stadium, and will be in operating in the new millennium.
Beside all this work I'll work on ,with buskering, on a part time base, as I also aim for more podium work, and charity concerts .

  So ,you see, I'm not only a One-Man-Band in my music, but also in my life . And I really believe, that I'll able ,to do most of this plans.

  Some journalists ( or maybe all), ask me how much money I make, well let me tell this, "sometime not enough to live ,and to much to die",  and sometime I can make a living out of it, but without the help of sponsors (mostly good friends), I could not survive. But as long I can play and get some recognition for my work, I'm happy. And if everything goes bad, there are also my parents, and my two brothers, I never asked for help, I can depend on. But until than I'll go my own way.

  So ,you see there will be much to discover ,in the future ,here on my home page, so put this address to your favourites, and visit me regular. And don't forget to send me some comment, with the form in the back of this home page.

Eric the Busker. 


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About "the one-man-band"

12 March 1960, ups there I was, the son of a Belgian soldier in Germany, and a German housewife.But my coming ,was not a so happy one ,as I looked a bit diferent from other children. But this didn't change the way of thinking of my parents, to raise me just like a normal child.
I grow up just like the other children, and I had not much more problems as other children also have.I went to kindergarten, primery school, and after high school.My disision to go to University was a bit dificult,for my parents as it cost a lot of money, and I have also two other brothers ,they also want to study.But I got my chance.In 1984, I graduate as a photographer, and than never got a job.In my student time I learned to make some money as a streetmusician, and this I also did after my disapointment. Soon I had to move more around to get my money together. And after some time I was fultime on the road.Now ,after more than 20 years of Buskering,I'm very glad I didn't got a job, as I saw a big part of the world, and maid plenty of good friend over whole the world.

Home of the Busker!


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